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6 Facts About RIMPAC - The Largest Maritime Warfare Exercises in the World

RIMPAC is an Oahu Event that includes 25,000 military personnel from around the world. 

April 29, 2016

Every day, visitors from around the globe come to our Honolulu Hotel to visit Pearl Harbor. From June 1st through August 1st, the waters off of Oahu will be occupied by men and women participating in RIMPAC – an Oahu Event designed to help Pacific Rim armed forces ensure from several countries work together to provide stability to the region.

RIMPAC features the largest international maritime warfare exercises in the entire world. The massive effort is held in even-numbered years, and includes participants from several countries. Here are 6 interesting facts about this important Oahu Event.

1. More than 25,000 personnel will take part in RIMPAC. This includes military men and women from Russia, China, Chile, Colombia, France, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, South Korea,    Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand. In 2016, for the first time, India will also take part in RIMPAC.

2. The number of vessels involved in this Oahu Event is nearly as impressive as the number of personnel. Close to 50 warships, submarines, and 200 aircraft will head to the waters off of Oahu to be part of RIMPAC.

3. The United States runs the show. While many countries take part, RIMPAC is an Oahu Event that is run by the United States Military. At the helm is the Navy’s Pacific Fleet. The Pacific Fleet, which is headquartered in Pearl Harbor, will work closely with the Marine Corps and the Coast Guard along with the Hawaii National Guard. Some nations are invited by the United States to observe, and others are invited to participate in RIMPAC.

4. Australia’s largest warship will participate in 2016 RIMPAC. The HMAS Canberra is the first ship of its kind for the Australian military, and it is the largest ship ever to be operated by the Royal Australian Navy. The Canberra will be on hand to test the ship’s ability to interact with partner navies.

5. Some think China should not be invited. Because this is an Event organized and run by the United States military, other nations are only allowed at the invitation of the United States. Some feel that China should not be included because they have been aggressive to some of their neighboring countries. The United States did not revoke China’s invitation, however, because including as many Pacific Rim navies as possible is important to building the desired stability in the region. 2014 was the first time that China was invited to participate.

6. 2016 is the 25th anniversary of RIMPAC. The Oahu Event began in 1971, and was held each year until 1974 when it was changed to a biannual Event.

If you’ll be staying at our Honolulu Hotel during RIMPAC, be sure to thank any of the military personnel that you may run into. Planning a summer visit? View the current Special Offers at Courtyard by Marriott Waikiki Beach. 

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