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6 Challenging Oahu Hiking Spots

Oahu Hiking is a popular Oahu Thing to Do, and these difficult hikes provide a challenge for those who want to take on a demanding hike. 

September 21, 2016

Hiking is one of the most popular Oahu Activities for guests who love outdoor adventure. Easy hikes like Diamond Head Crater are perfect for families or for those who just want a fun way to explore the beautiful landscape. Other visitors, however, want more challenging Oahu Things to Do. For experienced hikers who aren’t afraid of a challenge, the chance to take on some of the most difficult Oahu Hiking spots can be a highlight of a visit to Oahu.

Below is a list of just a few of the most difficult hiking spots. Note that we did not include summits so difficult that they have never been conquered or only climbed by a select few. Instead this list includes Oahu Hiking that adventurers and serious hikers can take on. Bring your hiking shoes and make a list of which of these spots you want to conquer during your Oahu Hiking adventure.

Before heading out, always check current conditions. Oahu Hiking spots are sometimes closed after too much rain or for other dangerous conditions. Be sure to follow all safety regulations for any hiking trail, whether easy or difficult.

Koolau Traverse
This spot is included in backpacking books about the Island both because of its difficulty and because of the beautiful views that are the reward for successful hikers.

If you choose to take on this difficult hike, you’ll have to ascend 2,200 feet. One of the things that makes parts of this hike so difficult is the fact that some of it is overgrown. The trail is about 5 miles long.

Waimalu Ridge
Join the ranks of those who have made this hike and been rewarded with some of the most amazing views on Oahu. Come at the right time, and you’ll be treated to the sounds of the wind high above the sea.

Very difficult
The cliffs near the top of Kamaileunu and some of the nearby spots are difficult enough that some have had to call for rescue. While some find this too difficult to complete, many others have successfully navigated it.

Olomana 3rd Peak
Very difficult
The first and second peaks are challenging, but they are not nearly as difficult as the 3rd peak. This is a must complete for anyone who wants to master the Island’s most challenging hikes.

Very difficult
The steep ridge descends from Konohuanui is a popular Oahu Hiking spot. Many have completed this hike, but it is one of the more difficult on the Island.

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