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Oahu Things to Do | Family-Friendly Attractions FAQs

Oahu Things to Do | Family-Friendly Attractions FAQs

Families planning a stay at our Honolulu Hotel should read through these FAQs about family-friendly Attractions in Waikiki.

Guests at Courtyard by Marriott Waikiki Beach will find many Oahu Things to Do near our Honolulu Hotel. Below are some of the most commonly asked questions about Attractions in Waikiki. Visit our Oahu Attractions Guide for more information about Oahu Things to Do. View our current Special Offers when planning your next visit!

Q: Oahu Things to Do: We will be staying at your Honolulu Hotel with our family. Are there many family-friendly Attractions in Waikiki located nearby?
A: When you’re looking for family-friendly Oahu Things to Do near Honolulu Hotels, you will find that there are too many to enjoy in just one visit! Some of the best Attractions in Waikiki for families are the Waikiki Aquarium, Honolulu Zoo, Sea Life Park, Dolphin Quest, the Dole Plantation, and the Children’s Discovery Center.

Q: Our children are excited about the chance to take part in a dolphin encounter during our upcoming stay at your Honolulu Hotel. Is there a place nearby that offers these encounters for children?
A: Yes! This Oahu Thing to Do is hugely popular with visitors of all ages. Even those who cannot swim can participate in a dolphin encounter since some take place in shallow pools that are appropriate for even young children. Two of the Attractions in Waikiki that offer dolphin encounters are Dolphin Quest and Sea Life Park. Getting up close to these magnificent creatures is an unforgettable experience.

Q: We have booked a room at your Honolulu Hotel, and we plan to take a surfing lesson while we are there. Our youngest child is 9, but he is not a strong swimmer. Is there a way that he can enjoy this popular Oahu Thing to Do?
A: Absolutely! Taking surfing lessons is a very popular Oahu Thing to Do. Guests of all ages at our Honolulu Hotel can learn to catch a wave, and knowing how to swim is NOT a prerequisite. Some of the lessons are offered in shallow water where it’s still possible to catch a wave while also being shallow enough to stand. Your nine-year-old will be able to learn the basics of surfing even though he is not a strong swimmer!

Q: We are staying at Courtyard by Marriott Waikiki Beach in a couple of months, and we have small children. Are there many Attractions in Waikiki that will appeal to very young children? 
A: The Children’s Discovery Center and the Honolulu Zoo are two of the Attractions in Waikiki near Honolulu Hotels that will appeal to very young children. There are many Oahu Things to Do that are appropriate for all ages, which is why a stay at our Honolulu Hotel is a perfect choice for families.

Q: We have read some great reviews of a family-friendly Attraction in Waikiki called Sea Life Park. Is this Oahu Thing to Do located near your Honolulu Hotel?
A: Yes! Sea Life Park is an Attraction in Waikiki that features a 300,000 gallon tank along with fun Activities like shark swims and dolphin encounters. A visit to this Attraction is can’t-miss Oahu Thing to Do during your next stay at our Honolulu Hotel.

Q: We’d love to attend an authentic Hawaiian luau during our upcoming stay at your Honolulu Hotel. Is this an appropriate Thing to do in Oahu for children?
A: Absolutely! While some Attractions in Waikiki near Honolulu Hotels that offer luaus focus on more of a party atmosphere, others create a family-friendly environment that teaches participants about the culture and history behind this exciting Oahu Activity. Browse through our Oahu Activities Guide for more information about Oahu Things to Do.

Q: We have booked a guest room at Courtyard by Marriott Waikiki Beach, and are looking forward to visiting the nearby family-friendly Attractions in Waikiki such as the Honolulu Zoo. How far is the zoo from your Honolulu Hotel?
A: A visit to the Honolulu Zoo is a can’t-miss Oahu Thing to Do for any family staying at our Honolulu Hotel. This Attraction in Waikiki is located just a couple of miles from Courtyard by Marriott Waikiki Beach, and a visit here will be a highlight of your visit.

Q: Attractions in Waikiki: Does the Waikiki Aquarium have any special programs for children?
A: The Waikiki Aquarium is an Attraction in Waikiki near Honolulu Hotels that is hugely popular with visitors of all ages. The Waikiki Aquarium does have special programs for children that allow them to learn more about marine life and get hands-on with some of the creatures that live at the museum.

Q: Oahu Things to Do: We’d love to visit Pearl Harbor during our stay at your Honolulu Hotel, but we aren’t sure this Attraction on Oahu is appropriate for children. Do you think children would find Pearl Harbor interesting?
A: Yes! Visiting Pearl Harbor is an Oahu Thing to Do near Honolulu Hotels that is fun for all ages. Kids love the chance to try out a bunk in the ship’s berthing section or peek through the sites of a massive ship-mounted gun. Some of the tours are geared toward younger audiences, but there is something to interest most ages.

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