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Oahu Restaurants | Honolulu Dining FAQs

Oahu Restaurants | Honolulu Dining FAQs

One of the many wonderful features of a stay at Courtyard by Marriott Waikiki Beach is that our Oahu Hotel is located near many fabulous Oahu Restaurants. Below are some FAQs about Dining in Honolulu.

Courtyard by Marriott Waikiki Beach is located near many of the top Oahu Restaurants. Planning a visit to our Oahu Hotel? Browse this list of some of the most frequently asked questions about Dining in Honolulu.

Q: Dining in Honolulu: We’d like to enjoy one very special dinner during our stay at your Oahu Hotel. Can you recommend an Oahu Restaurant where we’ll get a fine dining experience?
A: You will find many fine dining Oahu Restaurants near our Oahu Hotel. Whether you need a spot for a business meeting or a romantic dinner, there are many places for fine Dining in Honolulu. A few of the nearby options are Vintage Cave, Nobu Waikiki and Morimoto Waikiki. Visit our Oahu Restaurant Guide for more information about many Oahu Restaurants.

Q: We have booked a room at Courtyard by Marriott Waikiki Beach, and we’ve heard that no visit to Oahu is complete without trying some shave ice. Is there a place near your Oahu Hotel to enjoy this treat?
A: It’s true! Shave ice is a popular treat with both locals and guests at our Oahu Hotel. Many Oahu Restaurants have some version of shave ice, and you’ll also find shave ice stands throughout the Island. A few popular picks for shave ice are Shimazu Store and Waiola Shave Ice in Honolulu and Matsumoto on the North Shore.

Q: Are there any Oahu Restaurants within walking distance of your Oahu Hotel?
A: Yes! There are many Oahu Restaurants within walking distance of Courtyard by Marriott Waikiki Beach. Whether you want a fine meal or just want to grab a quick bite at a more casual spot, you will find plenty of options near our Oahu Hotel. Ask our Concierge for suggestions about places for Dining in Honolulu within walking distance of our Waikiki Accommodations.

Q: We’d like to enjoy some outdoor Dining in Honolulu during our upcoming stay at your Oahu Hotel. Can you recommend some places that offer alfresco dining?
A: The beautiful weather makes outdoor Dining in Honolulu hugely popular. Dozens of nearby Oahu Restaurants offer alfresco dining. A few of the options are Duke’s Canoe Club, Mocha Java Café, Hau Tree Lanai, and Jameson’s By The Sea.

Q: We have booked a room at your Oahu Hotel, and were hoping you could recommend some casual spots for Dining in Honolulu. 
A: Sure! Casual Dining in Honolulu is popular with many guests at our Oahu Hotel who prefer to stay in their casual, comfortable clothes instead of getting dressed up for a dinner out every night. Some of the popular casual Oahu Restaurants are Lucky Belly, Surf n Turf Tacos, and Crab Bucket. Visit our Oahu Visitors Guide for more information about Oahu Dining, Shopping, Attractions, and more.

Q: Are there any Oahu Restaurants with a fabulous view located near your Oahu Hotel?
A: Too many to list! Seriously! One of the best things about a vacation stay at our Oahu Hotel is the stunning views that will be all around you. It only stands to reason that many Oahu Restaurants would try to feature these views. A few to consider are Top of Waikiki, House Without a Key, Hula Grill, and Duke’s Waikiki.

Q: Can you recommend a marketplace that also sells food? We’d love to mingle with the locals while dining in Honolulu.
A: Yes! Maunakea Marketplace is a fun, vibrant marketplace that we recommend to many guests at our Oahu Hotel. You’ll find hundreds of vendors selling a variety of goods including clothing, art, souvenirs, and much more. Maunakea Marketplace is also home to a fabulous food court that is popular with both locals and visitors. For more information about local Shopping venues, visit our Oahu Shopping Guide.

Q: We’re staying at your Oahu Hotel for our anniversary. Can you recommend some romantic Oahu Restaurants?
A: Guests at Courtyard by Marriott Waikiki Beach have plenty of options when they want to enjoy romantic Dining in Honolulu. A few of the nearby romantic Oahu Restaurants are Michel’s, Azure, and La Mer. Visit our Oahu Restaurant Guide or ask the Concierge at our Oahu Hotel for more suggestions.

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