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Oahu Beaches | Oahu Beaches FAQs

Oahu Beaches | Oahu Beaches FAQs

Courtyard by Marriott Waikiki Beach is located near Oahu Beaches which are home to popular Honolulu Activities like surfing, swimming, and more. Here are some of the most commonly asked questions about Oahu Beaches.

Some of the most popular Honolulu Activities near Waikiki Hotels take place on Oahu BeachesCourtyard by Marriott Waikiki Beach is located just a short walk from one of the most famous beaches in the world. Planning a stay at our Waikiki Hotel? Then browse this list of a few of the most frequently asked questions about Oahu Beaches.  You can also visit our Oahu Activity Guide for more information about top Things to do in Honolulu.

Q: Honolulu Activities: We want to enjoy swimming and surfing during our stay in Hawaii. Are there any Oahu Beaches located near your Waikiki Hotel?
A: YES! One of the most famous beaches in the world is located just a short walk from our Waikiki Hotel. Waikiki Beach is one of the most beautiful Oahu Beaches, and it provides the backdrop for several popular Honolulu Activities such as swimming, surfing, and much more. Visit our Photo Gallery to see pictures of our Hotel and of beautiful Oahu Beaches.

Q: Are some Oahu Beaches better than others for enjoying Honolulu Activities such as surfing?
A: Yes, but which Oazhu Beach is best for surfing depends on the time of year and the surfer’s skill level. Novice surfers find the gentle waters near Waikiki Beach, which is just a short walk from our Oahu Hotel, to be a good choice for learning to catch their first wave. Experienced surfers head to the North, especially during the winter months, where the Island’s biggest waves can be found.

Q: Is there an Oahu Beach near your Waikiki Hotel where we could take beginner’s surfing lessons?  
A: Taking surfing lessons at Oahu Beaches is a popular Honolulu Activity near our Waikiki Hotel. Even if you have never seen a surfboard before, the instructors at nearby Oahu Beaches will have you catching your first wave in no time. Some of the lessons take place in shallow water, so even guests at our Waikiki Hotel who cannot swim are able to participate in this fun Honolulu Activity.

Q: What types of Honolulu Activities are available at Oahu Beaches?
A: Oahu Beaches offer the chance to enjoy a variety of popular Honolulu Activities. Some of the Honolulu Activities that are available at Waikiki Beach, just a short walk from our Oahu Hotel, are surfing, swimming, paddle boarding, and snorkeling. Several Honolulu Restaurants line Waikiki Beach, so you can add dining to the list of Things to Do on Waikiki Beach.  Visit our Oahu Dining Guide for information about fabulous Restaurants on Waikiki Beach.

Q: My family has booked a room at your Oahu Hotel, and my 7-year-old son wants to take a surfing lesson. Is this type of Honolulu Activity appropriate for children?
A: Absolutely! Surfing lessons are a Honolulu Activity at Oahu Beaches that all ages can enjoy. Your child doesn’t even have to know how to swim in order to take surfing lessons as some of the lessons take place in very shallow water. Individual or group surfing lessons are available, and this is a fun Honolulu Activity to enjoy together as a family.

Q: We heard that you can see whales off the shore of Oahu Beaches. What time of year is best for spotting whales near Oahu?
A: The best time for enjoying this popular Honolulu Activity near Waikiki Hotels is from winter through early spring. It is during that time that huge pods of humpback whales can be seen frolicking off of Oahu Beaches.  This Honolulu Activity is sure to be a highlight of your stay at Courtyard by Marriott Waikiki Beach.

Q: We’re interested in watching some of the major surfing competitions that take place at North Shore Oahu Beaches. What time of year do the most elite of these competitions take place?
A: The winter months are when the biggest waves come to North Shore Oahu Beaches. Watching elite surfing competitions is a popular Activity near Waikiki Hotels. Guests at Courtyard by Marriott Waikiki Beach have just a short ride to reach the North Shore beaches where the winter competitions attract some of the best surfers in the world.

Q: What types of amenities are available at Waikiki Beach? Is this Oahu Beach a good choice for families?
A: Waikiki Beach, located within walking distance of our Waikiki Hotel, is a lovely Oahu Beach for families. Amenities include lifeguards, clean restrooms and changing rooms. Several restrooms can be found along Waikiki Beach. Planning a stay at our Waikiki Hotel? Take a look at our current Special Offers.

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