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Honolulu Things to Do | Oahu Events FAQs

Honolulu Things to Do | Oahu Events FAQs

Our Waikiki Hotel is located near many top Oahu Events. Here are some frequently asked questions about these Honolulu Things to Do.

Planning a stay at Courtyard by Marriott Waikiki Beach and want to learn about popular Oahu Events and other Honolulu Things to Do? Below are some of the most commonly asked questions about Oahu Events. Feel free to Contact Us should you want to learn more about Honolulu Things to Do near Waikiki Hotels.

Q: We’ve booked a Guest Room at your Waikiki Hotel over the summer, and are wondering if you can recommend some of the top Oahu Events. 
A: Fun Oahu Events take place throughout the year, and attending these Events are fun Honolulu Things to Do. Some of the Oahu Events that take place near our Waikiki Hotel are the Waikiki SPAM Jam, the Pan-Pacific Festival, and the 50th State Fair. The North Shore is home to pro surfing Events like Vans Triple Crown of Surfing.

Q: We haven’t yet decided on a time of year to visit your Waikiki Hotel. Is there some place where we can read about Oahu Events that take place throughout the year?
A: Yes! At Courtyard by Marriott Waikiki Beach, we want our Guests experience at our Waikiki Hotel to be as memorable as possible. One tool we have provided is our Oahu Visitors Guide. The Guide contains information about Attractions, Activities, Shopping, and Dining. All of these Activities can make you hungry, so view our Oahu Dining Guide to learn about some of the best Restaurants near our Waikiki Hotel.

Q: My friend told us about an Oahu Event called SPAM Jam. What is this Event about? Does it take place near your Waikiki Hotel?
A: The Waikiki SPAM Jam is a fun Oahu Event that celebrates the Hawaiian’s love of this food stuff. You’ll be able to sample dozens of delicious creations with SPAM the star of each one. Learn more about Oahu Events.

Q: We want to watch some pro-surfing competitions during our upcoming stay at your Waikiki Hotel. What are some of the best surfing Oahu Events?
A: The big waves hit the North Shore in winter through early spring, so this is the best time of year for this Honolulu Thing to Do. Keep in mind that during this time of year the North Shore beaches are not appropriate for swimming or for novice surfers.

Q: Honolulu Things to Do: What are some of the Oahu Events near your Waikiki Hotel that are appropriate for children?
A: You’ll find many Oahu Events near our Waikiki Hotel that kids will love. These include the many parades that take place throughout the year and the 50th State Fair where rides and games are part of the fun. View our Oahu Visitors Guide for more tips of Honolulu Things to Do with kids.

Q: I’d love to watch a Hula competition. Could you recommend some of these Oahu Events that take place near your Waikiki Hotel?
A: Many hula competitions take place near our Waikiki Hotel, attending these Oahu Events is a popular Honolulu Thing to Do. Some of the popular competitions are the King Kamehameha Hula Competition, Hula Hoolauna, Prince Lot Hula Festival, and the World Invitational Hula Festival.

Q: We’d love to learn about Polynesian culture. Are there any Oahu Events near your Waikiki Hotel that focus on Polynesian culture?
A: Plenty! If you want Oahu Events near Waikiki Hotels where you can learn about Polynesian culture, consider the Annual Pan-Pacific Festival. This is a large, popular annual Event where several nations are represented. Attending this Oahu Event is a wonderful chance to see traditional dances, sample various cuisines, and much more.

Q: Are there are food related Oahu Events that take place near your Waikiki Hotel?
A: Absolutely! Many food-related Oahu Events take place near our Waikiki Hotel. Love food? Consider attending the Waikiki SPAM Jam, Taste of Honolulu, or Hawaii Food & Wine Festival. Even Oahu Events that are not centered around food often features delicious local favorites, so there is no shortage of opportunities to try some of Hawaii’s best cuisine!

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