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Honolulu Things to Do | Oahu Outdoor Activities FAQs

Guests at our Oahu Hotel often have many questions about Honolulu Things to Do. Here are some of the most commonly asked questions about Oahu Activities. 

Courtyard by Marriott Waikiki Beach is located near many top Oahu Activities. Below are some of the most commonly asked questions about outdoor Honolulu Things to Do near our Oahu Hotel. Our Oahu Activities Guide has more information about top Honolulu Things to Do.

Q: Honolulu Things to Do: We have booked a Guest Room at your Oahu Hotel and are wondering what types of outdoor Activities are available nearby.
A: Guests at our Oahu Hotel will find a number of exciting outdoor Honolulu Things to Do. Waikiki Beach is just steps from our Hotel in Honolulu, and the beach provides the opportunity for Oahu Activities such as swimming, surfing and boating. Other Oahu Activities near Oahu Hotels include hiking, cycling, Segway tours and surfing lessons.

Q: Oahu Activities: We love to surf, but we are pretty new to the sport. Are there any beaches nearby where we can enjoy surfing as beginners?
A: Yes! In fact, Waikiki Beach, located just steps from our Oahu Hotel, is a wonderful choice for beginning surfers. Want to hone your skills? Taking surfing lessons is a popular Honolulu Thing to Do, and lessons are available for all ages and skill levels.

Q: Our family is looking forward to an upcoming stay at your Oahu Hotel. Can you recommend some Oahu Activities that are appropriate for children?
A: Our Oahu Hotel is a perfect choice for families, and there are many family-friendly Oahu Activities located nearby. Some of the family-friendly Honolulu Things to Do are enjoying a dolphin encounter, hiking, attending a luau and visiting Oahu Attractions like the Honolulu Zoo and the Waikiki Aquarium. Many guests at our Oahu Hotel find that there is so much to do that they can’t fit all the best Oahu Activities into just one visit!

Q: We’ll be staying at Courtyard by Marriott Waikiki Beach later in the summer, and we were wondering if Shopping is a popular Oahu Activity? If so, can you recommend a couple of can’t-miss spots for Shopping?
A: Shopping is a hugely popular Honolulu Thing to Do near Oahu Hotels like Courtyard by Marriott Waikiki Beach. Whether you want to spend the day at a high-end mall, browse antique stores, or find great bargains at a swap meet, this Oahu Activity offers plenty of nearby options. Just a few of the many popular Shopping venues near our Oahu Hotel are Waikiki Beach Walk, the Aloha Stadium Swap Meet, and Maunakea Marketplace. There are dozens more wonderful shopping venues, so visit our Oahu Shopping Guide for more suggestions and information.

Q: One of the Oahu Activities that we don’t want to miss is whale watching. Is there a time of year that is best for enjoying a whale watch excursion?
A: The best time of year for enjoying this Oahu Activity near our Oahu Hotel is from December through May. This is the time of year when humpback whales are abundant off the shores of Oahu. Searching for these creatures on a whale watch excursion is a top Honolulu Thing to Do, and it is sure to be a highlight of your stay at Courtyard by Marriott Waikiki Beach.

Q: My teenage son has always wanted to watch a pro surfing competition. We’ll be staying at your Oahu Hotel in January, and I am wondering if that is a good time of year for seeing some of the best pro surfers.
A: Absolutely! Winter through early spring is the best time of year to enjoy this Oahu Activity. That is when the North Shore waves are at their biggest, and some of the top surfers from around the world come to Oahu Hotels to compete in prestigious surfing competitions.

Q: Honolulu Things to Do: We have reserved a Guest Room at your Oahu Hotel, and we’d love to hike Diamond Head Crater during our stay. We’re not avid hikers. Is this an Oahu Activity that even a novice hiker can enjoy?
A: Hiking Diamond Head Crater is a Honolulu Thing to Do near Oahu Hotels that most reasonably fit people can enjoy. While the climb is not particularly strenuous or long, it is quite steep in some places. It takes an average of 2 hours for most visitors to complete this popular Oahu Activity.

Q: Oahu Activities: We look forward to spending much of our time at the beach during our stay at your Oahu Hotel. Can you suggest a few beach-related Activities available near Waikiki?
A: Spending time at the beach is a top Oahu Activity near Oahu Hotels. In addition to just relaxing with a cold drink and a good book, guests will also find lots of fun Honolulu Things to Do on the beach. A few examples include swimming, surfing and paddle boarding. Visit our Oahu Activities Guide for more information about Oahu Activities.

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