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Oahu Things to Do | Oahu Tours FAQs

Oahu Things to Do | Oahu Tours FAQs

Our Waikiki Hotel welcomes guests who come to enjoy Honolulu Tours and other top Oahu Things to Do. Read below for some of the most commonly asked questions about Tours in Honolulu.

Guests at our Waikiki Hotel will find many Oahu Things to Do nearby. Honolulu Tours are one popular option, and there are several tours to choose from including hiking tours, history tours, boat tours, and more. Here are some of the most commonly asked questions about Honolulu Tours near Waikiki Hotels. Planning a visit? View our current Special Offers.

Q: Oahu Things to Do: We have booked a room at your Waikiki Hotel and were wondering if there were any Honolulu Tours nearby?
A: Guests at our Waikiki Hotel will find many Oahu Things to Do nearby, including some fun Honolulu Tours. Pearl Harbor Tours, boat tours, hiking tours, Segway tours, and even a submarine tour are just a few of the many nearby options. See our Oahu Activities Guide for more ideas about Oahu Things to Do.

Q: We will be staying at your Waikiki Hotel for our next vacation, and we love history. Are there any history-related Oahu Things to Do, such as Honolulu Tours, that take place near Ambassador Hotel?
A: For history buffs who stay at our Waikiki Hotel, the Pearl Harbor Honolulu Tours are a can’t-miss Oahu Thing to Do. These Honolulu Tours will visit places that were home to Events that changed the world forever. Iolani Palace and the Polynesian Cultural Center are other examples of Waikiki Attractions that are a good choice for visitors who like history.

Q: We want to learn about local culture and history during our upcoming stay at your Waikiki Hotel. Can you suggest a Honolulu Tour that we may enjoy?
A: Some of the historic Honolulu Tours near our Waikiki Hotel are the Pearl Harbor Tours and the Walking Chinatown Tours. The Pearl Harbor Tours are one of the most popular Oahu Things to Do, and they provide a look at Events that changed the world forever. The Chinatown Tour is a good choice for those who want to learn about local history as is the Honolulu Tour of Iolani Palace. Visit our Oahu Attractions Guide to learn more about Pearl Harbor, Iolani Palace and other Honolulu Attractions.

Q: Oahu Things to Do: Are there any Honolulu Tours near Waikiki Hotels that are appropriate for children?
A: Absolutely! There are many Honolulu Tours near Waikiki Hotels that are perfect for families with children.  One of the popular Oahu Things to Do with kids is the whale watching tours. Even the Pearl Harbor Honolulu Tours are popular with kids who love the chance to explore the bunks and look through the sights of a massive shipboard gun.

Q: Honolulu Tours: We know that hiking is a popular Oahu Thing to Do. Are there any guided hiking tours available?
A: Hiking is a hugely popular Oahu Thing to Do. While many of the guests at our Waikiki Hotel choose to go hiking on their own, others opt for a guided Honolulu Tour with an experienced guide. Some of the companies that offer wonderful guided hiking excursions are Oahu Nature Tours and Adventure Tours Hawaii. Visit our Oahu Visitors Guide for more information about hiking on Oahu and other popular Honolulu Activities, Attractions, Dining, and more.

Q: We have booked a room at your Waikiki Hotel, and would like to take a Honolulu Tour of Pearl Harbor. How much time should we set aside for this Oahu Thing to Do?
A:  A Honolulu Tour of Pearl Harbor is a very popular Oahu Thing to Do. Some guests at our Waikiki Hotel set aside most of the day for this Activity while others enjoy it in just a few hours. It depends on which tour you choose and how much time you plan to spend at each of the Pearl Harbor Attractions.

Q: We’d like to enjoy a Segway Honolulu Tour during our stay at your Waikiki Hotel. Can you recommend a company that offers this Oahu Thing to Do?
A: Many guests at our Waikiki Hotel want to take part in this fun Oahu Thing to Do. Some of the popular Honolulu Tour companies that offer Segway Tours are Segway of Hawaii and Discover Hawaii Tours. A Segway Tour is a fun way to explore the Island, and it will be a highlight of your stay our Waikiki Hotel.

Q: We will be staying at your Waikiki Hotel during the summer and would like to participate in a Honolulu boat Tour. Could you suggest one?
A: A boat tour is a hugely popular way to spend an afternoon during your stay at our Waikiki Hotel. This Oahu Thing to Do allows you to learn about Oahu in a fun way while spending time on the gorgeous waters off the coast of Oahu. Navatek Cruises, Outrigger Catamaran, and Ocean Joy Cruises are a few of the Honolulu tour companies that offer boat excursions. Want a Tour that goes beneath the surface? Then try Atlantic Submarine.

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