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Oahu Things to Do | Explore Oahu Waterfalls

Exploring Oahu Waterfalls is a perfect way to spend a day during your stay at our Waikiki Hotel. Set aside time to enjoy this Oahu Thing to Do during your visit. 

Exploring Oahu Waterfalls is a popular Oahu Things to Do with both locals and guests at our Waikiki Hotel.

About Exploring Oahu Waterfalls:
Hawaii is well known for many things, not least of which is the magnificent waterfalls that materialize from the mountains and hills of every island and embody the very spirit of the aina (Hawaiian for land).

When on the island a visit to Explore Oahu Waterfalls is a very special experience. This is one of Oahu’s Things to Do that can be accomplished by the individual or as part of a tour.

Not far from our Waikiki Hotel is Manoa Falls, an easy ramble up the Manoa Falls trail makes this one of the most trodden pathways in Honolulu. This 150-foot waterfall is about 45 minutes in, and it is best viewed during the rainy season for maximum effect. 

Further outside Honolulu near Waimanalo is the Maunawili Trailhead and Waterfall. This 25-foot fall has a pool at its base, and many hikers will cool off there before hitting the trail again. This intermediate hike takes around 2 hours with a few stream crossings and a total of 400 feet of gained elevation.

Waimea Falls, one of Oahu’s Things to Do on the North Shore, is part of a park that features a visitor’s center, exhibitions featuring Hawaiian culture and music. Waimea Falls cascades 45 feet into the pool below. The pool features performances by professional cliff divers.

Swimming in between performances is encouraged. This waterfall is about an easy 1-mile hike each way. An alternative to trekking to each one to Explore Oahu Waterfalls on your own is to join one of several Oahu Waterfall Tours available close to our Waikiki Hotel.

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