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Activities in Oahu | Learn to Paddleboard

Learning to Paddleboard is a popular Activity in Oahu. Guests at our Waikiki Hotel are often surprised how easy this activity is to learn!

Learning to Paddleboard is a fun Activity in Oahu that is a lot easier than it looks! Give it a try during your stay at our Waikiki Hotel.

About Learning to Paddleboard:
Paddleboarding has been an Activity in Oahu and throughout Polynesia for centuries. As far back as 1778, Captain Cook arrived in the Hawaiian Islands and may very well have been the first European to see the Polynesian natives riding ocean waves.

Original he’e nalu (Hawaiian for surfing) equipment included canoes and the predecessor of the longboard which, during a Hawaiian ritual, was carved out of Koa wood and could measure up to 5 meters long. Due to the size of these canoes and boards, paddles were necessary to get past the breakers and into position to catch waves.

Modern day paddleboarding can be traced back to Waikiki and surf instructors like Duke Kahanamoku who would stand up on his board to be able to see his students and would use the paddle to steer.

If you would like to Learn to Paddleboard then there is no better place than Waikiki, where the sport has its origins. The conditions at Waikiki are perfect for beginners, and you’ll find many businesses offering paddleboard lessons near our Waikiki Hotel.

One company providing instruction in this Activity in Oahu is the Big Wave Dave Surf Co. Lessons with Big Wave Dave will cover use of the board, paddle and leash, basic paddle techniques, advanced turning, building speed, and wave catching.

Come and enjoy a day on the water and Learn to Paddleboard right down the road from our Waikiki Hotel.

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