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Oahu Activities, Relax on Waikiki Beach, Honolulu Hotel

Oahu Activities | Relax on Waikiki Beach

Relaxing on Waikiki Beach is an Oahu Activity that gives guests at our Oahu Hotel a chance to unwind and enjoy the beauty of the Island. 

Sometimes, the best Oahu Activity is doing nothing at all. Relax on Waikiki Beach during your stay at Courtyard Marriott Waikiki.

About Relaxing on Waikiki Beach:
Quite possibly the most famous beach in the world, Waikiki Beach is an epicenter for Oahu Activities on the sea, in the air, and on land. Not only is it a draw for tourists from the four corners of Earth, but Waikiki is also a beachfront neighborhood on the South Shore of Oahu.

It is easily recognizable with the skyline, and the dramatic silhouette of Diamond Head just to the east. In the not too distant past, Hawaiian Royalty would come to Relax on Waikiki Beach and surf longboards.

Today people come to sunbathe, swim in the calm waters, snorkel, SCUBA dive and paddleboard to name just a few Oahu Activities you may enjoy while you Relax on Waikiki Beach. Waikiki also hosts yearly surfing competitions, outrigger canoe races and hula performances.

Take a surf lesson - Waikiki’s surf is perfect for beginners - rent a Jet Ski, a paddleboard, or a beach umbrella to sit under and read as you Relax on Waikiki Beach. As the sun goes down, there are still plenty of things to distract the wayward. World-class shopping is something Waikiki is known for, with shops like Prada, Cartier, Louis Vitton and Burberry to name a few.

Another one of Oahu’s Activities is to sample the top shelf fare. The Restaurants of Waikiki feature cuisine from all over the world. Try Roy’s Waikiki for an upscale Hawaiian Fusion menu. With the largest Japanese population in the U.S., it’s not difficult to find some great authentic Japanese food. For the best Sushi in Honolulu, go to Sushi Izakaya Gaku. There are too many great restaurants to list on Waikiki, and all within walking distance to The Courtyard Marriot Waikiki. View our Oahu Dining Guide to read about other top Oahu Restaurants. 

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