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Hawaii International Music Festival, Hawaii Events

Hawaii International Music Festival | Oahu Event

Classical music takes center stage at the Hawaii International Music Festival – a state-wide Hawaii Event. 

August 1, 2017 to August 31, 2017
Various Locations

The Hawaii International Musical Festival is returning for a second season of combining culture and entertainment.  Following up the success of season one, the festival hopes to keep sharing their passion for classical music and holistic arts.

About The Hawaii International Music Festival:
The Hawaii International Music Festival is an annual event that takes place all over the beautiful state of Hawaii in hopes to bring elevated classical music to places that need it the most.  By creating a strong presence of first-rate classical music, the festival works to strengthen communities as well as their relationship with their surroundings.  The festival is one of the most popular Hawaii Events and is not only limited to the indoors.  By taking the art and music outside, performers are able to interact directly with the environment to give the audience and inspiring experience.

The music isn’t the only experience to look forward to at the Hawaii International Music Festival.  The festival also promises to bring an element of holistic arts which are meant to stimulate the mind, body and soul of every person who takes part.  Whether you are participating, performing or just simply watching you are guaranteed a unique and moving adventure.   The co-founders of the festival, world renowned violinist Eric Silberger and Metropolitan Opera singer Amy Shoremount-Obra hoped that by combining music that is rich in culture with art that speaks to the soul, the audience can have a multi-dimensional experience.

The last element of the Hawaii International Music Festival that plays just as important of a role as the music is the food.  By celebrating local cuisine, the festival will help you to have an appreciation for your surroundings while also adding one more level of important culture. 

Last year’s festival was heavily supported by local Hawaiian coffee roasters who were more than pleased to share their rich flavors with the people who came to enjoy the show.  This was a great way to connect one another not only with the environment but with the local tastes of the island.  While the official line up for the second season of these popular Hawaii Events is yet to be announced, there is no doubt that it will be just as powerful and rooted in culture as the first.

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